714Tickets is a resale marketplace, not a box office or venue. Ticket prices may be below or above face value

714Tickets is a resale marketplace, not a box office or venue. Ticket prices may be below or above face value

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Selling Tickets?

Interested in selling your tickets to an event that you are not able to attend? 

714Tickets buys tickets! Call our office at (714) 842-5387 and tell us your ticket specifics (event name, date, seat location, and how much you are selling them for) and our helpful staff will let you know if we can buy your tickets. If we cannot buy them, we can always sell them for you on consignment!

714Tickets sells tickets on consignment! The 714tickets.com Consignment Program is a hassle-free option to sell your tickets. Our award winning sales team promises maximum exposure by listing your tickets on all major secondary marketplaces and exchanges nationwide, dramatically increasing the chances of your tickets being sold.

How the Consignment Program works:

  1. Fill out the form on this page.
  2. If you have PDF tickets, you must submit them with the form. If you have hard copy tickets, please give us a call during normal business hours to find the best method of delivery.
  3. Agree to the terms and conditions by submitting the form.

Terms & Conditions of the Consignment Program:

  • You agree to not list your tickets for resale on any other marketplace or website.
  • You agree to a check payment for the sale, mailed on the following Tuesday after the tickets have been sold.
  • You agree to give 714Tickets 20% of the total net sale of your tickets. (The net sale may be less than what the listed price is due to other marketplaces taking a percentage of the sale as a fee for selling through their platform.)
  • You agree to contact 714Tickets by phone or email to verify your tickets have not been sold before you cancel the consignment process and list them elsewhere.
  • You agree the address on the form submitted is valid and is the address you want to receive payment for the tickets sold.
  • You agree that your tickets are 100% authentic and have not been replicated or regenerated.

If you list your tickets for sale on another market, and a double sale occurs, you will be liable for any and all repercussions; Any Sale that 714Tickets makes of your inventory will take priority over a sale that you make. If the tickets do sell through us and your tickets are denied entry you will be liable for any expenses. At any time, you may request us to remove your tickets from all marketplaces and reclaim them. Please wait until the following business day to confirm your tickets have not been sold and that you are able to reclaim them. Take into account any potential delays, such as adverse weather conditions, as 714Tickets is not responsible, under any circumstances for the timely re-delivery of your consignment tickets.

If you purchased tickets through 714Tickets.com or through our mobile applications, and use 714Tickets to resell those tickets on consignment, you forfeit your rewards earned on the respective purchase.


Can I sell my tickets on other marketplaces or with other brokers while on consignment with 714tickets? No. The reason is that we have a sales team that will list your ticket on every marketplace and reach out to other sellers to get your tickets sold.

How do I get my tickets back? Just contact 714tickets by email (orders@714tickets.com) or phone (714.842.5387) and we will get the tickets back to you, free of charge!

How are my tickets priced? 714Tickets will price your tickets based on current market value and adjust the price as needed to get your tickets sold. 

How much does 714tickets charge for selling my tickets? 714tickets will keep 20% of the total net sale of tickets sold.

How do I get paid? Sales are paid out the following Tuesday after tickets are sold. The check will be mailed to the address on the form submitted or you are welcome to pick it up.


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